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My name is Rouge.

Bit by bit the Time Out Market set up is being completed. First it was the restaurants, then the Time Out Studio and Lisbon classic restaurant Pap’açorda, on the first floor. Now comes an eagerly awaited bar being opened by local nightlife guru Manuel Reis: the Rive-Rouge. “This isn’t Lux – it’s something else,” says Pedro Fradique, communications chief for the Lux-Frágil group. That may be true, but comparisons with the group’s historic nightclubs Frágil and Lux are inevitable: the stairs that lead into it, the layout of the bars, the staff. “It’s natural,” Fradique explains. “It all comes from the same head – Manuel Reis’s – and the same team.”
The decor matches the bar’s name, inspired as it is by the location – on the north bank (rive in French) of the River Tagus and in Cais do Sodré, which was long known mainly as a red-light district (hence the rouge). Iron beams painted red stand out in a space illuminated accordingly, and small tables with wooden benches and theatre-style seats form cosy nooks. The DJ booth is discreet, as is the dance floor: this place is to function both in the afternoon and at night.
That, indeed, is one of the new departures here. Rive-Rouge is somewhere to hang out not just at night, but also in the early evening – in part responding to the demand for matinée shows and sets at Lux. The place will be open Tuesday to Sunday from 5pm to 4am. And not only to the doors open earlier here, but there is to be one DJ on duty for the afternoon shift and another at night. Sets will be by house names such as Rui Vargas and Yen Sung, as well as other well-known DJs who have done sets on the Lux roof terrace or in the bar. As for drinks, the list covers all bases, from beer to bubbly. We suggest that you sample one of the house cocktails, the Rive (made with gin) and the Rouge (rum).
There’s more to come: the Rive-Rouge is soon to expand with the opening of a terrace overlooking the garden of Praça Dom Luis I. We look forward to it. Rive-Rouge is open Tuesday to Sunday, 5pm-4am. Tel. 21 346 11 17. Entry is via the last door on the west side of Time Out Market, along Praça Dom Luís I, or via the Pap’açorda restaurant.