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Éclairs: new
Autumn/Winter collection

Matthieu Croiger and his team at L’Éclair had already promised that with each change of season their display would feature some novelties. Now here they are all together: the eight incredible éclairs that have been summer stalwarts and the 10 even more incredible new creations that are set to help us get through autumn and winter. With these cooler months in mind, let’s meet the new arrivals: Nougat, Limão, Tainori, Framboesa-Matcha, Paris-Brest, Irish Coffee, Saint-Honoré, Cheesecake, Tatin and Fôret-Noire – all veritable works of art and absolutely delicious. Among them are two reinterpretations of pastry classics: the Black Forest gâteau (Fôret-Noire) and the tarte Tatin apple pie; there is also an éclair for chocolate lovers (the Tainori), one with lime and lemon (Limão), and new versions of house best sellers such as the Saint-Honoré, which is filled with pastry cream made with Tahiti vanilla, and the Paris-Brest, which features whipped cream and crunchy caramel. As ever, the ingredients used in making these gourmet treasures are all of top quality. As well as the vanilla from Tahiti, there’s matcha green tea from Japan and Valrhona chocolate made with cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic. The éclairs are all artisanal – assembled using pincers in gloved hands, like the works of art they are.