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Meet our
Second Home

The bright colours, organic shapes, hundreds of plants and informal atmosphere at Second Home – a creative and cultural work space started in London that has now opened up on the first floor of the Time Out Market – point to what is being cultivated here: fun and above all creativity at work. Here we take you on a tour of this new ‘home’. 1.    Lounge, bar and library
The coffee machine is a favourite spot for informal meetings in any office, and Second Home has made sure to take that into account. Better still, it has put the bar/café right in the entry Lounge and given it an Italian coffee machine that is said to make the city’s best flat whites. The overriding aim of this London-based creative accelerator is to bring together in a single space a creative, diverse, ambitious community – not exclusively tech startups, by any means – and help it to flourish. The central idea is to create an ideal work environment for people and businesses to grow. All the conditions are in place for that to hapen. In this first area of Second Home there is a bar that serves light meals, coffee and Portuguese wines, a curvy library with more than 2,000 books in Portuguese and English from Penguin Random House Books, four sound-proofed meeting rooms, and a lounge area with sofas that can perfectly well serve as work tables. 2.    Working Space
At first sight it looks like a jungle from which David Attenborough might emerge at any moment, talking in hushed tones about the local wildlife. There are more than a thousand trees and other plants on tables and hanging from beams to ensure the privacy (or some of it, since the idea is for there not to be too much) of the more than 200 people who have chosen to work in this open-space shared office. As in London, this new Second Home was designed by Spanish architects Selgas Cano with features that reflect a whole new creative philosophy of work. There are no fixed work stations: members can and should circulate freely. There are no straight lines: everything is fluid and organic. Colours are warm and bright. And there are no walls. All this is to ensure that people cross paths, meet and interact with each other, because it is from such encounters that both good collaborations and new projects can emerge. Of the 250 places initially on offer few are still going and the names of the businesses signed up speak for themselves: Faber Ventures, Home Lovers, Epic Surf School, Parfois, Latitid, among many others. 3.    A space for culture and well being
Being able to change one’s environment during a working day can add greatly to productivity. Here at Second Home you can start your day on a sofa in the lounge, checking your emails and drinking a flat white, continue with a team meeting at the round tables, then head over to the open space office amid plants backlit by vintage lamps and, at the end of the day, and finally return to the area with the round tables – which can be wheeled away to free up space for a range of activities (yoga, Pilates, concerts, talks etc.) that form part of Second Home’s DNA and which members can take part in. Second Home is on the first floor of the Time Out Market (Mercado da Ribeira). Access is members only. More information at